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What to Expect at Pome on the Range

As you pull in the driveway of Pome on the Range, the branches of acres of trees move in the light breeze. You hear the distant sound of ducks quacking, see the sunlight reflected off of the small pond up front. Zinnias are displayed proudly in front of the old red market building, and all around is the beautiful, crisp scents of fall. It’s fall at Pome on the Range and there is no better place to visit.

Stepping out of your car, your eyes widen as you take in the sheer number of apple trees. How many could there possibly be? Hundreds? Thousands? 25 acres-worth, to be exact. The trees stretch in all directions, branches full of a bountiful harvest.

On the porch you see boxes full of apple-picking paraphernalia, including bags to pick produce into and several long poles with a wired basket on the end, used to help pick apples that are too high. You make your way into the market, where you’re greeted by a smiling clerk, knowledgeable about the produce and ready to help you with whatever you need.

You’re not sure where to start looking, so stocked is the market with fresh and frozen produce, frozen pies, freshly-squeezed cider, salsas, jams and jellies, and even a wine-tasting bar. There are goods for everyone, sauces and mixes and snacks for the kids-- there’s even a vending machine for duck food.

After browsing for a while, you decide to go pick your own apples. There are several different varieties of apples and, depending on the seasonal calendar, several different kinds of apples will be open for U-Pick at any given time.

The market clerk points you in the right direction, you grab a picking bag from the table outside, and you’re off! As you wander, a variety of crops catch your eye. In one field are cantaloupes, in another, okra. It seems there’s no end to the production at the orchard.

Once you find the clearly-marked row of apples, you begin to pick, stretching up on tiptoes to pick the very best and biggest. At one point, you accidentally pick an apple with a hole in it, but never fear! You can put those apples in a cider bag to be used to make apple cider later. You revel in the fact that right here, right now, you’re connecting with nature, 100% aware of where your produce is coming from, and enjoying the experience of harvesting it yourself.

After a while, your bag is full and you pull the heavy load back to the market with the help of one of our wagons. Once there, the market clerk weighs your bounty, rings you up, and your mission is complete!

As you take a big bite of a beautiful, juicy apple, you can’t help but declare it a success. Leaving the orchard is always hard, but you have pictures and memories, and can always come back tomorrow!

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