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Season: Early July

Taste: Initially tart flavor, followed by a subtly sweet aftertaste.

Use: Sauces and Pies

Properties: Greenish yellow in color with thin skin.


Grand Gala.jpg

Grand Gala

Season: Late August

Taste: Sweet with honey crisp, crunchy texture

Use: Dessert, Fresh, Baking, Cooking, Salads

Properties: Larger version of Gala, means more sweet bites to savor.

autumn gala.jpg

Autumn Gala

Season: Mid-September

Taste: Sweet  and crisp

Use: Fresh, Juice, Cooking, Salad, Sauce, Baking

Properties: Firm, crunchier than regular Gala apples.



Season: Mid-September

Taste: Sweet, tart and subtly tangy flavor with notes of green apple candy

Use: Fresh, Baking, Salads, Sauces, Pies, Cooking, Juice

Properties: Thick skin with crisp bite

Daybreak Fuji.jpg

Daybreak Fuji

Season: Late September

Taste: Very sweet with notes of both honey and citrus.

Use: Fresh, Baking, Pies, Salads, Freezing

Properties: Mostly red-colored skin with small patches of golden yellow blush and light vertical striations.

Royal Empire.jpg

Royal Empire

Season: Early October

Taste: Crunch, sweet yet tangy

Use: Fresh, Cooking, Sauces, Juice, Freezing

Properties: A cross between delicious and McIntosh, good storage ability

Pink Lady.png

Pink Lady

Season: Mid-Late October

Taste: Tart and honey-sweet flavor

Use: Fresh, Juice, Cooking, Salads, Baking

Properties: Pink flush over green peel, firm and crisp texture.

enterprise apple.png


Season: Late October

Taste: Mildly tart

Use: Fresh, Baked, Pies, Dried, Applesauce, Cooking

Properties: Firm and crisp, with a spicy aroma and mild tartness.

Pristine apple.png


Season: Late July

Taste: Sweet - tart balanced flavor with notes of spice, banana, and green apple

Use: Fresh, Cooking, Sauce

Properties: Semi-thick skin is smooth, waxy, and green-yellow, ripening to a bright yellow when mature

Brookfield Gala.jpg

Brookfield Gala

Season: Early September

Taste: Sweet

Use: Fresh, Baking, Cooking, Sauce, Juice

Properties: It has a bold red stripe over its red background.



Season: Mid-September

Taste: Sweet as honey with a crisp bite

Use: Fresh, Salads, Pies, Baking, Cider, Butter

Properties: Its sweetness, firmness, and tartness make it an ideal apple for eating raw.



Season: Mid-September

Taste: Tangy-sweet with a bit of spice

Use: Fresh, Cooking, Juice, Pie, Butter, Baking, Applesauce

Properties: A smooth thick skin, crisp and juicy

scarlet crush.jpg

Scarlet Crush

Season: Late September

Taste: Sweet with notes of citrus.

Use: Fresh, Cooking

Properties: A cross between Honeycrisp and Cripps Pink


Red Delicious

Season: Early October

Taste: Sweet, crispy, and juicy

Use: Fresh, Salad

Properties: America's most popular apple, full-flavored sweet taste.



Season: Mid-Late October

Taste: Sweet with a tangy finish

Use: Fresh, Cider, Cooking, Butter, Pies

Properties: Deep, cherry red skin dating to American colonial times.

Fuji apple.png


Season: Late October

Taste: Crisp, super sweet, with low acid

Use: Fresh, Pies, Baking, Salads, Freezing

Properties: Red blush with green and yellow stripes. Crips, firm, juicy flesh.



Season: Mid-Late August

Taste: Tart and crisp

Use: Fresh, Cooking, Baking, Pies, Sauce

Properties: Keeps it's shape in cooking.

Ozark Gold.jpg

Ozark Gold

Season: Early September

Taste: Unique spicy flavor with mild acidity, sweet, honeyed.

Use: Baking, Dessert, Fresh, Juice, Salads, Sauces

Properties: The golden yellow color skin will turn shades of pink and red where most exposed to the sun.

September Wonder Fuji.jpg

September Wonder Fuji

Season: Mid-September

Taste: Tropical sweetness with a slight edge of tart

Use: Fresh, Cooking, Sauce

Properties: Dark rough blotches across its pinkish skin. Same great taste as Fuji but ripens sooner.

Ultra Red (spire).jpg

Ultra Red

Season: Mid-September

Taste: Crisp, super sweet, with low acid content

Use: Fresh, Sauce, Juicing

Properties: Bright red over green. Ideal for growing in small spaces or containers.


Golden Delicious

Season: Early October

Taste: Gingery smooth, sweet taste

Use: Fresh, Salads, Sauce, Cider, Baking, Pies, Freezing

Properties: Golden or light-green, with pink blush, thin skin.



Season: Mid-October

Taste: Sweet and tart at the same time

Use: Fresh, Baking, Sauce, Pies, Cooking

Properties: Versatile with a firm texture.



Season: Mid-Late October

Taste: Tart and spicy

Use: Fresh, Cider, Cooking

Properties: Primarily a dessert apple, but make a finely blended cider.

Gold Rush.png

Gold Rush

Season: Late October

Taste: Sweet and tart, with a hint of spice

Use: Fresh, Juice, Cooking, Butter, Pie, Applesauce, Salads

Properties: Golden in color, with a crisp, firm texture.

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