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September 19-25

In the Orchard

Open for U-Pick: Empire, Ozark Gold, Akane, Jonathan, Jonalicious

Produce Available in the Market: Gala, Honeycrisp, Ozark Gold, Akane Empire, Jonathan, and Jonalicious apples, pears, tomatoes, winter squash, and okra.

We're knee-deep in our fall season here at Pome on the Range! With several different apple varieties open to pick and plenty of fall goodies to consume, we'll be sure to get you into the autumnal spirit!

In the Market

Our Empire apples, which are big and beautiful with a deep red color and a sweet bite, are now open for u-pick. These apples are great storage apples and are also great for dehydrating.

Check out our Market for various delicious drinks, including single-serve apple cider in Honeycrisp, Cinnamon, and Old-Fashioned. In addition, we have hot apple cider, apple cider slushies, and lemonade available for you to sip while you enjoy our orchard.

Have you tried the Pick 'n' Play yet? For just $5 a person, you receive access to our play area, which includes the famed Corn Crib and a Corn Maze. The entrance fee also includes one pound of apples to pick and enjoy. Our pumpkin patch is also open, so come pick up your Halloween pumpkins – we have some enormous ones!

We hope to see you in the orchard now that its Fall and cooler temps are here.

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