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The Art of the Gift Basket

Gift baskets are one of the best gifts you can give. Personal, fun, and useful, gift baskets can be personalized to fit each individual and they don't have to break the bank.

As great as a gift as the gift basket can be, it can also flop if not executed well. The art of making the gift basket is an easy one to learn and, by following a few simple steps, you can turn a well-received attempt into a masterpiece.

1. Pick a theme for your basket

Instead of assembling a chaotic mess of semi-useful objects, try thinking of a theme for your basket. You could do a movie night basket, a self-care basket, a baking basket, even a surviving-COVID basket. This ensures that each object you choose will be used for something specific.

2. Pick a good vessel for your gift basket

Though a gift basket carries the name, you do not necessarily have to use a basket to hold the bulk of your gifts. Try finding something that will be reused, like a hamper, crate, or even a jar. If you can make it fit the theme of your basket, even better!

3. Choose items that will be used

There are so many products out in the world, it's easy to reach for the cutest contraption. But before doing so, think: will this end up in a miscellaneous drawer within the next few weeks? If the answer is yes, forego the purchase. Though it may seem more difficult to find items, you'll find that the overall gift becomes much more valuable with some deep-thought involved!

4. When assembling, create a pleasant visual

Take some time on your gift basket. Instead of simply throwing the items in a pile, try creating depth within the basket, arranging the items so the larger ones are in the back. Add a bow to the handle or a homemade card to the front. Small touches make a huge difference when showing someone you care.

5. Shop small for your gift baskets

It's far too tempting to log on to Amazon to search for the perfect addition to your gift basket. But there are so many small business owners out there with plenty of interesting objects for sale. Before resorting to the bigger brand names, take a walk with a friend downtown and duck into a few shops. The unique items and the overall quality of the product will make a big difference!

We have plenty of gifts available in our market. Come check out some of our gift basket ideas, like jams and jellies, dish towels, popcorn seasoning and more!

Give a meaningful gift this holiday -- make a gift basket!

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